1000grues.ch action is a citizen's shout for those who struggle for the health's right of radioactivity victims to be heard, Sometimes at their own freedom's risk.

Pro-nuclear forces in this world are very powerful and we regret that their webs are woven into international organisations like:

  • IAEA, (International Atomic Energy Agency), real 'bridgehead' of the nuclear (corporate) industry on the UNO security council.

  • UNSCEAR, (United Nation Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation), in charge of the (under) estimation of the effects of radio-exposition, on which are based the standards.

  • WHO, in agreement for 50 years with IAEA, to avoid any harm to its interests.

These institutions benefits from all the UNO integration advantages and multiplies the lies and denials about health and nuclear contamination. They defend strategic and financial interests escaping any democratic process. They violate human rights.

Origami paper cranes are a universal symbol for healing and peace related to radioactivity since Hiroshima bombing.

Our action is now over, here is the report of the meeting with WHO. All our cranes are exposed in the WHO public library.

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